Thursday, November 25

Hibernation Season

The weather has dropped. The days are getting a little shorter. The ground is carpeted with freshly fallen leaves. T-shirts have been replaced by jackets. Trees that were once lush and green are taking on a more sophisticated look with yellows, reds, and an occasional bare limb reaches boldly towards the perfect blue sky. The very air is filled with anticipation of the holiday cheer and the comfort of home. It’s beautifully crisp outside, and I’ve been itchin take pictures.

Monday, October 18

Meet the McKay's

This is a dream family to shoot - all so photogenic!

Sunday, September 19


This sweet little boy, Jett, was one week old when I took these. He is precious. Blows my mind how small and beautiful babies are.

Thursday, July 1


I got the amazing opportunity to go to Africa for two weeks, living in a convent and working at a few schools in Kiligoris, Kenya. This trip has changed my life.

Wednesday, June 9


These are a few senior photos from this year.
Shown are Kathryn Baker, Keith Scioli,
Macaulie Fritz, and Candace Lott.

Monday, June 7


It's finally summer. I went to the lake.
And of course, I brought my camera.